Friday, 17 August 2012

A Little Update by Claire

So much has happened over the last few months that my head is still reeling from it all.I haven't posted anything in an age so this is my attempt to rectify....
Summer and school holidays arrived with bang, a big loud thundery bang, bringing with it rain, rain and more rain. Weather wise the summer has been a total wash out, leaving me with restless,grumpy children who just want to be outside playing! Any nice days and the girls are out all day long..or I head off to the beach to ensure they get as much vitamin D as possible!
We have had a lovely holiday in France with my inlaws. I had a built in babysitter in the girls teenage cousin! And it was so nice waking up and being warm!! Not muggy wet humidity but nice dry heat.
The big surprise for the girls was that their dad arrived along after a few days! Both my girls were speechless when they saw him... (Not a usual occurrence in my house .. Speechlessness!!) That made their holiday extra special. 
I knew my husband was arriving but I wasn't meant to know, only his dad was meant to know,as he was collecting him from the airport. So.., I knew but couldn't pretend I knew,his dad knew but didn't know I knew, his mum knew but only his dad knew his mum knew! Confused yet?...His sister knew but I didn't know she knew.. So as it turns out,it really was the worst kept secret ever, we all knew but didn't know that we did! The important thing was that at least the girls were surprised!

Since our lovely holiday which now seems like a lifetime ago, we came home and moved house... That was fun!!

I had my sister's hen weekend ... That Was Fun!! 

But it's all done now and we are slowly getting back to normal, the girls are settled in the new place ( 2year old asks to go home occasionally but she's just a bit confused).Its only short term until we finish building our own house and then I AM NEVER MOVING AGAIN!...


kids shoes said...

When the girls were little, school felt like a lifetime away. I can't believe we are here already. Enjoy your terrible twos!

Sharon said...

We need a new new update, 3 years is too long!