Thursday, 29 March 2012

Things that make it worthwhile By Claire

1. That very first smile.. I don't care if it's wind..she looked at me, her mouth made a smile shape.... so it's a smile and it's mine forever,..wind....Pah!
2. When my girls wake up in the morning, with a sleepy stretch and a smile.

3. A sleepy cuddle just before bedtime.
4. Getting a garden daisy 'bouquet' for no reason..
5. When one of my kisses is sooo powerful it can heal a bumped head or a sore knee!
6. The antics involved in holding a tiny spider for the first time.
7. When my 7yrolds' teacher has trouble keeping things, they have drawn/made at school because my 7yrold is so proud she wants to bring them home to show me!!
8. Being treated to an odd version of Bruno Mars 'marry you' from my 2yrold while I am dressing her in the mornings!
9. When one of my girls cuddles the other, to cheer them up when they are sick or sad.
10. Little secret notes that I get from my 7yrold.
11. Optimism of a 2yrold when I'm in a shop trying on a top that's clearly too small, which I put back and 2yrold says 'Aw.... too big mummy?'
12. Their Laughter .. It's infectious ...
13. Hearing little feet running down the hall thinking they've gotten away with it!
14. A chocolate covered face saying 'it wasn't me that ate the biscuit'
15. A quiet, peaceful house after bedtime.
Anyone else have 'Things that makes it all worthwhile?'


Dara said...

16. Seeing the love between siblings amid all the arguements - 4 year old tells 2 year old ... You'll always be ok cos I love you!!! (couldnt make that up!)
17. Laughing at your childrens infectious genuine laugh.

The mum of all trades said...

I loved this, I was nodding in agreement to each one. Really nice post.

Kate On Thin Ice said...

Very lovely post and a good reminder in the chaos of the school holidays. Thank you.