Wednesday, 28 March 2012

When the Smoke Clears By Claire

I have stopped smoking at different times during my adult life and for different reasons.. Mainly for my children, during pregnancy and thereafter. I have lasted for periods of a  year and then started up again. (Never in house, in front of children,though).  I have quit since january this year and this time my reason for quitting is ME. So far it has not been too hard, but recently I have found myself really struggling.Is it the good weather? Being outside watching the girls and looking for something to do other than smoke is hard. So to distract me and to curb my eating.. I took up knitting and it seems to be working!!  In the last 2 weeks I have knitted 10 scarfs,that's not too bad as I am working from knitting learned in primary school..all them years ago!! Anyway, the recent good weather means that I can't even GIVE the scarfs away....
Has Anyone got any other easy hobbies for me please... Something a little less 1900 and a little more 2012!

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