Saturday, 5 May 2012

My sister Cathy singing 'Skinny Love' by Claire

This is my youngest sister Cathy singing a song called 'skinny love'. She got a present of making a CD for her birthday and this is one of the songs on the CD.
There are more but this is my favourite. The fancy video work is yours truly, pictures of Scottish lakes in winter, cliffs in Kilkee in spring and the view from back garden in winter.  I may upload new videos of my sisters stunning voice but am new to this video producing lark, so it may take a while. On a 'mummy note' my 7yrold has 'matter of factly' asked for half her aunties money when she's famous.. Just like that! I love the simplicity of it! Anyway, have a listen and please let me know what you think.. My sister may not be too happy when she find out what I've done!!! Check out this video on YouTube:

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