Monday, 21 May 2012

First Holy Communion (Finally) by Claire

The day has come and gone in a hive of activity. Visitors have travelled home, the last of the food has been eaten.Things are going back to 'normal'. Except for one major thing.. My first born little girl has made her communion.  First Holy Communion, in my mind, represents one of the mile stones in a child's life, they are growing up (and pushing us on with them).
Only 3 children made communion, 2 girls, 1 boy.Small country school, combined first communion with sunday morning mass, so it became a community event. They were all so cute, and clean and tidy!! As opposed to the untucked shirts, paint covered hands and unruly haired children that greet you after the school day!! They each had to bring gifts to alter and say 2 prayers of the faithful, they were brilliant, no nerves.. I love their confidence, long may it last. All the fussing over clothes and food was worth it.We didn't go OTT it was  a great day shared with family and friends and my daughter loved it.


Anonymous said...

Love the ribbons in the hair.

Unknown said...

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