Sunday, 2 December 2012

The story of G

From day one, G was going to be a force to be reckoned with! Born a year to the date that I had my car crash, after a few pregnancy hiccups... in a somewhat dramatic entrance, G entered the world and continues to enrich our lives with a force similar to a windy  weather phenomenon!
G was a small slight baby, she had breathing issues, by issues I mean she used to stop!! Scared the hell out of me but she got better and chubbier  and by 10months she was doing things like this...

G never crawled, she bumbed along which is actually much worse than crawling because not only could she now cover a lot of ground at impressive speed, she also had two free hands. That, coupled with her 'I'm going to do this just because I can' streak,  meant that very often clothes might end up in the pots and pans drawer, shoes in the toilet, toys in the coal bucket etc...

 Luckily, that phase passed once she started walking and climbing but unfortunately that meant that she could reach the really important stuff..i.e. stuff she wasn't allowed at! This was when she discovered new phrases like 'make up' and 'I is pretty now'; that kind of mentality leads to things like this....

There is a whopper of a stubborn streak in G as well which drives me, her dad and her long suffering older sister (who also inherited the dramatic gene!), almost to distraction! But amidst the chaos that G leaves in her wake there is an air of humour (mainly because if I don't laugh I may cry!). There are the kindest little actions and she loves her 'big sista' dearly. She has perfected the art of saying..'I so sorry' ..with her little lisp, hence she does get away with some things.
Almost 3 years old now she idolises 'her big sista ..EM-AY' (a made up name but its sticking!!).She has recently taken to copying/repeating what EMAY says, to the utter annoyance of EMAY!  But when they get along it brings a tear to my eye, when they don't it also brings a tear to my eye, I spend most of my time crying these days! 
What a pair, my girls, EMAY didn't get the little doll that she expected G to be, and G got everything she wanted in a big sista.. Kind and loving with lots of toys, easily wound up and reacts perfectly to situations caused by G and to the amusement of G!!
 However, I do believe the tables will turn, and god help us then, when EMAY retakes the drama queen throne...

Friday, 17 August 2012

A Little Update by Claire

So much has happened over the last few months that my head is still reeling from it all.I haven't posted anything in an age so this is my attempt to rectify....
Summer and school holidays arrived with bang, a big loud thundery bang, bringing with it rain, rain and more rain. Weather wise the summer has been a total wash out, leaving me with restless,grumpy children who just want to be outside playing! Any nice days and the girls are out all day long..or I head off to the beach to ensure they get as much vitamin D as possible!
We have had a lovely holiday in France with my inlaws. I had a built in babysitter in the girls teenage cousin! And it was so nice waking up and being warm!! Not muggy wet humidity but nice dry heat.
The big surprise for the girls was that their dad arrived along after a few days! Both my girls were speechless when they saw him... (Not a usual occurrence in my house .. Speechlessness!!) That made their holiday extra special. 
I knew my husband was arriving but I wasn't meant to know, only his dad was meant to know,as he was collecting him from the airport. So.., I knew but couldn't pretend I knew,his dad knew but didn't know I knew, his mum knew but only his dad knew his mum knew! Confused yet?...His sister knew but I didn't know she knew.. So as it turns out,it really was the worst kept secret ever, we all knew but didn't know that we did! The important thing was that at least the girls were surprised!

Since our lovely holiday which now seems like a lifetime ago, we came home and moved house... That was fun!!

I had my sister's hen weekend ... That Was Fun!! 

But it's all done now and we are slowly getting back to normal, the girls are settled in the new place ( 2year old asks to go home occasionally but she's just a bit confused).Its only short term until we finish building our own house and then I AM NEVER MOVING AGAIN!...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Destruction and heroism! by Claire

My 2year old is no shrinking violet. From the moment she was born some form of drama followed and it has been that way ever since. Everyone says the second child is wilder than the first, they talk about the 'terrible twos' but I had no idea what people meant. My eldest wasn't a saint by any means and she is prone to adding a bit of 'dramatic flair' to the most mundane of incidents  (good or bad) but when 2year old gets going .. 
Recently, My 2year old locked herself into the bathroom, of course, the key on the inside of the door, was stuck! So all my coaxing trying to get her to turn the key (in the hope it would come out and we could try sliding it under the door) was in vain. A lot of odd things went through my head..e.g. if I can't get her out, then can I get food in to her (exactly how long did I think she'd be stuck for?)! Or if I break down the door how would I ensure she wasn't standing behind it! Or who does one call in a situation like this .. Locksmith.. Fire brigade .. Supernanny etc.
Anyway, while I was busy being totally irrational, I heard my eldest daughters voice coming from, what sounded like, inside the door! My clever madam remembered the small top window was open and had climbed up on a garden chair and stuck her head in.By the way, this window is  usually closed because I would be at work during the day, but thankfully, as fate would have it, today it was open. With my assistance my 8 year old was able to shimmy through the window and through a clatter of deodorant cans and makeup bottles she managed to jump down and unlock the door and calm returned to our house. 
Later on that evening I heard my 8 year old  on the phone to her grandmother relaying the events and her heroic quote 'Granny, I saved a life today' (and that's the dramatic flair I mentioned earlier!). And (because I'm such a grown up & was feeling left out of all the praise) ..all I could say was 'I helped too!'. 
My 2yearold had recovered exceptionally well from her traumatic experience... laying on the couch with her hands behind her head, without a care in the world. Or was she planning her next attack ... because somewhere between then and the following morning she managed to stuff my printer full of small dolls and dolls accessories. So when I went to print, it made a weird groaning noise, lights started blinking and it stopped dead! Luckily, I happen to be good with printers and such, so I drew on my extensive technological knowledge and concluded that I needed to hit it a few times! It worked, it spewed out half the contents of a dolls house and it started working again! 
Moral of all this ... I don't have a clue maybe ... take keys out of doors; even better remove all doors, and hide all toys ... And always have an extra child around the place as they come in handy when heroics are needed!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award by Claire

Right so I have been bestowed with the Kreativ Blogger Award thanks to the lovely Elizabeth of
Thanks Liz!
The Rules of the award are as follows 
1.    Thank and link back to the person who nominated you. 
2.    Answer 10 questions. 
3.    Share 10 random facts about yourself 
4.    Bestow the Kreativ Blogger award on 7 fab bloggers. 

Now to answer 10 questions... 
1.What’s your favourite song? I don't have an all time favourite just a current favourite .. Skinny Love by Bon Iver, but the version that I love is my sister Cathy singing it... Which just happens to be on an earlier post on this blog .. If u want a listen!
2. What’s your favourite dessert? Slice of chocolate cake.. Slightly warmed so it's a bit gooey!!
3.  What ticks you off?  Making little of other people or their efforts, I try not to associate with people who do that!
4. What do you do when you’re upset? I get angry, have a cry or I sing.. Good music helps cheer me up!
5. Which is your favourite pet? I don't have a pet, 2 children are enough right now!
6. What do you prefer: black or white?  Black, it's probably because of the whole looking thinner in black thing!!
7. What is your biggest fear? Messing up as a parent and not being able to protect them!!! 
8.  What is your attitude mostly? I like to say I'm a pessimistic optimist I presume the worst will happen but secretly hope for the best!
9.  What is perfection? It is something that varies from person to person, in my opinion it is something that makes you so content that you never want to change it.
10. What is your guilty pleasure?  A spoon of nutella straight from the jar!

10 Random facts about me..
1. I'm a bit of a sci fi buff.
2. I had braces for years as a teenager.
3. Backpacked around Australia on my own.
4. I dont like my freckles!
5. I sing and play guitar.
6. I had piano lessons but I gave up after a few years .. Wish I hadn't now!
7. I like to knit!
8. I want to work for myself.
9. I am right handed!
10. Some of the best laughs I've ever had are the ones where your meant to be quiet e.g. church!

Now to nominate 7 .. Not easy!!
I have nominated 7 Blogs and if they want to join in .. I'll post their sites (takes the pressure off folks!!!!)
Good luck folks xx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Today we said goodbye to Dad again by Claire

My husband works overseas and saying 'goodbye' is part of the course of our lives for over 2years now. You would be forgiven for thinking it gets easier with 'practise' but saying goodbye never does.

The girls are getting older and the eldest one (7) is better at handling it, the youngest (2) looks up at airplanes and says 'bye daddy'. Whereas,I try being cheerful, I am really grumpy,antisocial and teary for a day or so afterwards but then I have to move on and look towards the next time he'll be home. The children can't make that decision move on as 'matter of factly' as adults but they are quite resilient, and I've seen my girls cope better than me! My husband was explaining to 7yrold that he was leaving again and she informed him that its ok she's used to it and he'll be back. She has explained to my 2yrold that daddy is gone away to work but he will be home soon! Of course, hearing this exchange between my girls is heart wrenching, but 2yrold nods as if she understands and that's it ...discussion over!

Of course it's not really over and daddy is still missed terribly, he is spoken to and about everyday. Every time 2yrold sees a work van same colour as his she says daddy or if she hears a song that they've sung together..; 7yrold stockpiles things that daddy needs to fix when he gets home! 
While that is us, the ones left behind waiting, it must be dreadful actually being the one leaving. Getting on yet another plane;Killing time in yet another airport. Being so far away from  family and seeing the differences in the children each time you are home. That can't be the easiest thing in the world either, to put it mildly!
But unfortunately that's the way it has to be for now and maybe someday soon things will change.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Big and Small Steps

So Killian will be starting school in September.  Gulp!  Also, just found out that so far there are only 2 children starting in Junior Infants (small school - about 53 in the school in total).  So I rang the principal and she put me in contact with the other kid's mammy.  Another little boy will be starting with him, and they had their first playdate on monday.  In one way I couldnt be happier, because it took them less than 5 minutes to become best friends, thick as thieves, and Katie joined in too.  However, I can picture it now, 10 years down the road ( or sooner) cycling to each others houses, staying out all day, making up stories just to meet up and get out of homework, in 12 years time, getting fake ids and sneaking into nightclubs toghether, and if Katie is still in tow, who will be getting a crush on who??  What have we started!!!  By the end of the day, no-one wanted anyone to leave - trying to arrange sleep overs and asking how many sleeps til the next play date.  So maybe take it one day at a time - I am so chuffed for my little boy to have such a nice friend to grow up with, and it will be the making of many more blog posts I'm sure.  Watch this space!!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

First Holy Communion (Finally) by Claire

The day has come and gone in a hive of activity. Visitors have travelled home, the last of the food has been eaten.Things are going back to 'normal'. Except for one major thing.. My first born little girl has made her communion.  First Holy Communion, in my mind, represents one of the mile stones in a child's life, they are growing up (and pushing us on with them).
Only 3 children made communion, 2 girls, 1 boy.Small country school, combined first communion with sunday morning mass, so it became a community event. They were all so cute, and clean and tidy!! As opposed to the untucked shirts, paint covered hands and unruly haired children that greet you after the school day!! They each had to bring gifts to alter and say 2 prayers of the faithful, they were brilliant, no nerves.. I love their confidence, long may it last. All the fussing over clothes and food was worth it.We didn't go OTT it was  a great day shared with family and friends and my daughter loved it.