Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Big and Small Steps

So Killian will be starting school in September.  Gulp!  Also, just found out that so far there are only 2 children starting in Junior Infants (small school - about 53 in the school in total).  So I rang the principal and she put me in contact with the other kid's mammy.  Another little boy will be starting with him, and they had their first playdate on monday.  In one way I couldnt be happier, because it took them less than 5 minutes to become best friends, thick as thieves, and Katie joined in too.  However, I can picture it now, 10 years down the road ( or sooner) cycling to each others houses, staying out all day, making up stories just to meet up and get out of homework, in 12 years time, getting fake ids and sneaking into nightclubs toghether, and if Katie is still in tow, who will be getting a crush on who??  What have we started!!!  By the end of the day, no-one wanted anyone to leave - trying to arrange sleep overs and asking how many sleeps til the next play date.  So maybe take it one day at a time - I am so chuffed for my little boy to have such a nice friend to grow up with, and it will be the making of many more blog posts I'm sure.  Watch this space!!!

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