Saturday, 12 May 2012

First Holy Communion 2 by Claire

Preparations are underway for the communion tomorrow. My goodness all this for 1 day!  Purchased the communion dress but when we tried it on at home I noticed it was kind of grubby looking around the neck line! I suppose it was from people trying on the dress but I didn't notice this in the shop.I had to get it dry cleaned; 2 weeks before the communion day dress needed be be taken up a little. So that's done. I had a problem getting white occasion tights because I left it too late to buy them.I did manage to find plain ones and there is the option to wear frilly socks but I had my in-laws checking for tights in Scotland, which proved successful! Because her shoes are new the soles are slippy which is a huge worry because she is doing 2 prayers of the faithful and bringing up the gifts, I will try sandpaper and hairspray to stop slipping! Yikes!! So now the day before the communion we have.. Communion dress, shoes, tights/socks, headgear, bag, book, candle and rosary beads.  For 2yrold we have...dress,tights, new shoes, hairclip ( if one has a pretty thing in their hair the other has to as well!!) . Husband has decided not to don the kilt and go for suit instead so he's sorted and I have my wise we are good to go!! Next hurdle is food; the plan is to have food back at ours afterwards, so today will be dedicated to sorting out the menu.This is proving a bit of an ordeal because the communion is on at 10am and I will have the family to feed all through the day and I have invited people who are not immediate family after 2.30pm so continuous supply of food is a must!! Thank goodness I have family who will help with that because if left to my own devices the menu would be cocktail sausages and chicken nuggets!  I have had the booze ordered and delivered online.Much easier than physically purchasing it yourself.. (Only had to explain to delivery man that it wasn't all for me!! If I had gone to the shops to buy all the booze I would have met everyone from local priest to local gossip and had to explain over and over that I am not (yet) a roaring alcoholic!!) Tips for future reference..  Check the neckline on communion dress in proper lighting. Get undergarments and accessories early. Be prepared for slippy soles on shoes. Have an alterations person contact incase dress needs altering. Invest in a stain removal pen (fits easily in handbag). If someone offers help to do anything.. Accept!!  That's all for now, will follow up with final communion blog after the day!! Fingers crossed weather will be great.....

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