Sunday, 6 May 2012

appreciation of books through the years

My little boy has had a growing relationship with books since he was a baby - which went something like this:
Age - 1 year - mmm books - look yummy - I think I'll eat them
Age - 2 years - why didnt anyone tell me sooner you can tear paper this is so much fun
Age - 3 years - so there are stories in books and someone can read them to me - ok thats cool
Age - 4 years - I love books, I love the library, i dont want to give the books back to the library though. 

So daddy decided to surprise him one day and photocopied one of his favourite books so we wouldnt have to renew it again (sshhhh, dont tell anyone).  However, daddy was gone to work before he got up that morning and didnt explain what he had done.  Poor Killian got the fright of his life when he saw loose pages of his favourite book sitting beside the television and cried out - Mammy - the girls have been tearing up the books!!!!  How things have changed.  Long may it last!!

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