Tuesday, 27 March 2012

To bounce or not to bounce By Claire

When my husband came home from work one fine evening 5 years ago, with a trampoline for our then 2yrold daughter, I was not a happy camper to say the least! Thankfully, Recent windy weather helped to finally put an end to my trampoline worries. 'Old Trampoline .. you lasted us 5 good years and no major injuries RIP!'.......Phew!
However, my peace of mind was short lived , I now, once again, find myself in that same scenario as 5yrs ago! Is it something to do with the recent good weather, has the sunshine effected all good sense? All I know is that, as I'm sitting here watching the girls having the time of their lives in the new trampoline, I am contemplating all that can go wrong.. Little Miss Negativity!! Of course we have all the necessary accompanying safety equipment.(These companies have it sussed.. A deal on the trampoline price but triple the cost for safety!! Which parents will pay!) Regardless of all that, we now have a new, 'safe' trampoline.. And I have a knot in my stomach and 'what ifs' going round my head like a whirlwind!! Then after-all that, I see my girls playing in the empty BOX!!

Any trampoline opinions ..yes/no?Am I being a complete worry wart?

Day 2 of new trampoline ... and they are still playing in the empty box !!

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Anonymous said...

That's not a box, its a choo choo train...!