Saturday, 24 March 2012

Kids inhibitions! (or lack thereof) : Dara

Got Pixi fotos for Roisin taken today.  Killian as usual had no qualms about telling everyone who he was, who we were, including everyones ages, nicknames, etc,etc.  All kids smiled (thank God) and there were no tears or tantrums.  Whew! 
Speaking of inhibitions though, I thought I'd have to curl up under the table and shrivel up yesterday.  I decided to take the kids for a treat - just a quick smoothie after playschool.  One of the girls serving decided to rearrange the free newspapers and throw old ones in the bin.  Killian quite loudly told me that "that mammy just threw a newspaper in the bin".  I decided (regrettably) to explain that not every woman was necessarily a mammy.  She was quite young, but besides that, I didnt want him to go around calling everyone mammy.  After i explained that she might not have any children, he asked (again not in a whisper) "Does she have a husband?"  Before I could respond, Katie chipped in with "Does she have a daddy?".  Thank God, the questions started to get a little more obscure after that ...  Katie:  are there other daughters in the shop?  Killian:  why isnt there a dot beside the word coffee in the sign?  etc etc.  I dont think the poor girl noticed, but if you think old women are gossips, you should meet my children!!

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Claire said...

Well done k. Grammar is fast becoming a thing of the past !!