Friday, 23 March 2012

Newbies to blogging! : Dara

Hi there, my name is Dara, and together with my partner in blogging Claire we hope to share some insights into our experiences as mothers, students of motherhood and life in general.  I will let Claire fill you in herself, but just to let you know we went to school together, became good friends in college, and have been inseperable since, (well, to be honest I do think she is stalking me as she and her husband purchased their first home only a mile from where we were building our house about 6 years ago!!)  Between us we have 5 wonderful kids who are also firm friends and I look forward to them all growing up, getting into mischief, and thinking their moms dont know what they are getting up to despite us probably doing 10 times worse at their age!!  

Anyway, a little about me and why this blog?  I am happily married to a wonderful man who wishes to remain nameless at the moment.  We have 3 wonderful kids, Killian (4 1/2), Kate (almost 3) and Roisin (5 months).  Claire texted me today suggesting we set up a blog and 5 hours later here we are.  Facebook and texting just doesnt give the same opportunity to share the stories, lessons, laughter etc that motherhood brings.  In the past 5 years I have been learning at a rate that surpasses any class taken in my 5 years in university and I have discovered that with children you dont really need to seek out added entertainment.  Who needs sitcoms, when your 4 year old can make you cry with laughter, who needs a medical degree when you sit glued to the internet every night researching if that sniffle is the common cold, teething or a reason to call 999, who needs alcohol to have a hangover, and who needs to visit one of the wonders of the world to be overcome with awe!  Our kids are intelligent, funny, loving, frustrating, sleep depriving, wonderful human beings who fill us with every emotion possible every day.  We are also not just moms, but employees, graduates, we have travelled, students of life, and yet every cup of coffee ends up in us sharing stories about our little clones.  Lets face it, our lives have changed since they arrived!  Why not share the love, share the experience and share the giggles!  I look forward to sharing with y'all and make sure to chip in too.  

Over to you Claire!!!

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