Friday, 13 April 2012

Mid Term break:Dara

I havent been blogging recently for a number of reasons, but am not going to make excuses.  Lets just say 2 kids on mid term from preschool with energy to burn burns your energy!!!  However, we have had a ball.  We have been to Galway - check out the Aquarium in Salthill - well worth a visit, the guides will let the kids touch star fish and crabs.  We bought paint to paint our house.  Unfortunately the only paint currently on the walls was put there by a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old with mini paint brushes and narrowly escaping the windows!  We have visited friends and relations, and made loads of new friends over the Easter.  However, I think today was the highlight of their break.  We visited a friend who has 2 daughters, who we havent visited in a while.  Between wanting to change into pyjamas to have a pyjama party (including my little boy almost being put into princess pjs) and packing their backpacks to go on an adventure around the house like 3 Doras and 1 Boots, there was a silence, which first we thought meant they were getting tired and chilling in the playroom.  NEVER TRUST QUIET CHILDREN!   The 3 youngest had stripped off all their clothes and hopped into the bath together running the freezing cold tap having the time of their lives.  All we could do was laugh as we tried to distinguish whose clothes were whose as they were strewn all over the hall, bathroom, bedroom etc.  My kids didnt want to go home, and the 2 girls wanted to come home with us.  I wish it was that easy normally to get them into the bath and pjs!!!

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