Monday, 26 March 2012

Kiddie Comments By Claire

Me: Come On Kids
7yrold: mum we are not baby goats
7yrold: Mum, if there was gravity in space would the planets and stars just keep falling forever because there is no end to space..
Me: Ummm Ah ...Well. yes i think.... ask Dad!!
7yrold: Mum how did the earth start and who made God?
Me: Ummm Ah ...Well.... ask Dad!!
7yrold: You always ask me to ask dad, is that because he says he knows everything?
 Me: Ummm Ah ...Well....
2yrold: I ceem peas
Me: Icecream???
2yrold: Oh yes, thank you mummy.
Me: I got played
In 2Year Old Speak 'Choose Peas' actually means 'Juice Please' .. Wish I had known that before my weekly shop!!
Why is it that my 2yrold cannot say please or thank you to people she knows but can happily shout 'BOOBIES' in a shop full of strangers?
7yrold leaves a biscuit down, 2yrold robs and eats biscuit ..the following conversation occurs ..
Me to 2yrold: Where is the biscuit?
2yrold: (points to her mouth)
Me: What do you say to your sister for eating her biscuit?
2yrold: Thank You!!!
Elderly Lady gives my 2yrold a kiss..2yrold promptly wipes her mouth and says 'Yuck Jaggy'!

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