Sunday, 25 March 2012

Family fun cork day 2 By Claire

Clocks went forward last night which never fails to confuse things no matter how prepared and of course the hour less reeks havoc on my already poor time keeping!! Today was fota island wildlife park. The weather was again perfect for outdoors. €37 for 2 adults 1 child (2yrold free). This is a great day out for the gang weather permitting. A lot of people with small kids will probably have been before as have I but I always forget something!! For future reference:1.wear comfortable walking clothes. 2. Bring a pram for any1 under 3/4 years, it is a long walk for short legs! 3. Bring a picnic cost effective no queuing, call it a picnic not a packed lunch therefor it becomes an event!!
 4.It's Ireland, so prepare for change in weather. The whole wildlife thing was a bit lost on my 2yrold though... Me: 'Oh look there's a kangaroo'  2yrold:''no mommy it's a bunny'  Me: 'Oh look there's a mara?!'  2yrold: 'no mommy it's a bunny'  And so get the idea! Also, there are other parts to fota, I noticed the girls and other children getting but bored toward the end and looking for the play area, so maybe next time will try the gardens...The girls slept all the way home in the car, I also slept, not used to so much activity!!(and no, I wasn't driving!!) Highly recommend the hotel and the rates we got, swimming pool was great, friendly staff etc.  Overall a great weekend, not a normal weekend;we don't head off every weekend but this was to make a memory for the girls; with their dad working overseas there is not much opportunity for that. But this weekend we succeeded. Unfortunately, normality tomorrow back to work and didn't win the lotto even though I was sure I would!! I know I know .. Get in line!

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