Monday, 30 April 2012

Fairies in the Garden By Claire

I came across these photos taken last summer in the garden.
My 7year old has a wonderful imagination.
However, while she is great at many things, I cannot credit her with taking the photographs.

The photographs were taken by my husband, and honestly if you saw him you would be forgiven for thinking ..'No way, he did not !!
Physically, my Husband is 6ft something, works in construction and built like a rugby player, (and of course .. extremely handsome!).       He does not look like the type of person who would follow his7yearold daughter around the garden, taking pictures of fairies!
But, that's what he did.
They were gone for ages strategically placing the fairies and looking for the best spots to take pictures and when they came back the two of them were trying to convince me that they were real!!
I did not pay too much attention to the pictures at the time but coming across them again brought back a lovely memory and my 7year old, remembered taking them with her Dad, who is, lets face it, a big softie at heart and 'putty' in his little daughters hand!! xx

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