Friday, 20 April 2012

First Holy Communion By Claire

First holy communion. My eldest daughter will be making her communion in May. First Communion is now made in second class. Somewhere between when I made my communion, and now, it changed from first class to second.I don't know the exact reason for the change but wouldn't be surprised if it was people complaining about gap toothed photos!  For those of you not involved in this process, consider yourselves lucky from a financial perspective! We did not go overboard on spending but how easy it would have been to do so! Luckily my daughter did not pick the most expensive dress or accessories, nor did she go for a highly flamboyant style (phew)! She has picked a beautiful simple style dress with a few sequins and there is a bit of bling on the shoes and a tiny little 'high heel' (well, she wouldn't be related to me if there wasn't a thing for shoes!). 
Going around different stores really opened my eyes, though.While the historic importance and style of the day is still a strong cornerstone, it is the extravagance and the extras that seem to have taken over! Speaking to different shop assistants really shocked me as to the lengths some parents go to especially for girls. 'It's like a mini wedding' was a quote I heard more than once, and it drove me ballistic! 'No, its nothing like a wedding nor should it be' I wanted to scream at some parents! However, for my own safety I thought better of it and just eavesdropped & tried to conceal  my shock at some things I heard. Communion dresses costing over €250, fake tan, hair extensions, nails, for both mother and daughter! I even heard talk about limo's! Honestly, I would hate to see their weddings if this is a communion! Things have changed a lot, the whole 'no veil' thing got me, I thought it was an unspoken rule that girls had to have a veil but apparently not anymore. My daughter picked her own headwear and it's beautiful. Giving nothing away until the day!! We live in a rural area and there  are only 3 children making communion which will be incorporated with mass on Sunday so I am not expecting anything too 'OTT' fact the flamboyance may be up to me!!

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