Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Silent Reflux By Claire

When my now 2yrold was born, she was perfectly healthy at 6lb8oz. I was feeding her myself, she was putting on weight. When she was 6 weeks old, I sat her up to wind her and I saw that she was not breathing, and her eyes were not registering anything.I grabbed her,and with my 7yrold in tow,I ran next door to get help. On the way way I looked down at her again and she was fine! I went to doctor, was sent to hospital. Unfortunately, they thought I was an over protective new mum and sent me home,doubting myself! There were a few more instances and one particularly bad one .. Which eventually led to her being hospitalised. They couldn't find anything wrong.Eventually they decided she had silent reflux;She was shutting down her own airways to stop the reflux acid going into her lungs. I was prescribed tablets.. for an 8 week old baby of all things!! After that I followed all the relevant reflux guidelines and eventually when she was approximately 7months old she came off medication and was fine....
I didn't get too heavy on this, on purpose, blog mainly because it still scares me to death and I still have nightmares over 'what ifs'.
But the point I want to make is  ..'always go with your gut and don't stop until you are sure and satisfied that your child is getting the best treatment'  
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