Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award By Claire

I have only been blogging for 3 weeks and not am even sure if I'm doing it right, So it is Fantastic to be nominated for this award, actually any award at all!!! I have to mention that this is a joint blog with my friend Dara, and I probably would not be blogging if she wasnt involved..

Now to for the official business ..the rules state that one must firstly 'thank the blogger who has awarded you and link back to them' ....
Well Elisabeth, @lizzie_loodles, I sincerely thank you for the nomination.. in other words I am dead chuffed. This is a testimant that #Followfriday on twitter works because I followed Elisabeth on the recommendation of another great blogger (@FabulousMoms) and I have to say I have really enjoyed reading Elisabeths blog   ie (what a cool name BTW).

Next Rule : 'Share 7 things about myself ' ....Uh Oh .. here is where it could get messy ..
1. I am married to a Scottish man.
2. My sisters are my best friends.
3. My Co-Blogger Dara and I have have won a local band competition!!
4. The Infamous Louis Walsh heard us (my sisters and I) singing and said he liked us and we had great potential...(nope still no recording contract)..
5. I backpacked around Australia by myself.. just me, my rucksack and my guitar!(I did discover a mouse in my rucksack in Alice Springs so technically I wasnt really alone all the way!!)
6. I have a BA Degree specialising in Social Research and a Graduate Diploma in Business and have used neither and probably never will : (
7. I bite my nails...Yuck... Really intend to stop soon though!

Rule No: 3  'Pass the award onto 5 other newly discoverd bloggers'

Well,  I really want to nominate my co-blogger Dara .. but is that cheating? Probably..I dunno..

I am going to nominate blogs that I have enjoyed reading and they are all newly discovered to me.. they may have already been nominated .. but I think thats ok? isnt it.. if not let me know and I will amend..Hope ye dont mind but here's my nominations
5.@IrishAllergyMum -

So thats it done and dusted.. Hope all nominees are ok with nominations.. Looking forward to seeing what comes of this.. I hope its someone I know...
Bye a while  Cheers Claire xx

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